the launching of prototype train-set export to nagpur, india, equipped with huaqi pis
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on november 22, the prototype train-set designed and manufactured by crrc dalian and equipped with huaqi pis for export to nagpur, india was officially launched and operated. this is the third project after kolkata and noida that huaqi pis series products serve the indian market, laying a solid foundation for our company to continue to penetrate into the indian market.


the nagpur metro rail project was awarded by maharashtra metro rail corporation (mmc) through a global public tender. after winning the tender, crrc dalian quickly pushed forward the implementation of the project, and huaqi actively cooperated, responded quickly and ensured the delivery on schedule. the train adopts stainless steel body, the maximum design speed is 80km/h, and all technical indexes rank the advanced level in the world. the successful launching and operation of the prototype train-set marks the beginning of a new phase of the project.


nagpur metro trains are used on the north-south, east-west and north-south lines in nagpur, maharashtra, india. the total length of the line is 38.215 km, the main body is elevated with 36 stations, of which 34 are elevated stations and 2 are ground stations, with a total of 23 train-sets and 69 trains. the minimum plane curve radius of the main line is 120 meters, and the minimum plane curve radius of the yard line is 100 meters. the maximum ramp of the line is 40 with ac25kv contact network power supply mode. the trains are made up of 3 sections, using stainless steel lightweight design. the maximum axle weight does not exceed 16 tons, the maximum design speed is 80km/h with a maximum carrying capacity of 974 passengers. 


in recent years, with the deepening of “the belt and road” policy, economic cooperation between china and india has been deepening. in 2017, china-india trade volume reached a record high of $84.44 billion, and india's gdp growth rate for many years has ranked first in the world. the huge population size also makes urban traffic pressure increase day by day, including nagpur, which india's major cities are vigorously building urban rail transit systems. at present, more than 40 cities such as delhi, mumbai, kolkata, bangalore, gurgaon and hyderabad have planned or constructed urban rail transit systems, making the urban rail transit market vast. 


with the projects in kolkata, noida and nagpur as opportunities, huaqi will pay more attention to the indian market in the future, devote ourselves to improving the international influence and competitiveness of huaqi products, strive to adapt to the needs of the international market, get closer to the end users and the market, and deliver satisfactory products to the locomotive manufacturers and owners.

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