china huaqi intelligent at the american public transportation association exhibition
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on october 11, 2017, the 3-yearly american public transportation association (apta) exhibition came to a perfect end. the exhibition attracted more than 800 outstanding manufacturers in the field of road and rail transportation, including crrc (north america) , alstom, bombardier, kraft, siemens, stadler and other vehicle companies, as well as equipment supply and technical service companies, such as crsc, to focus on displaying the leading technologies, products and services in the transportation industry. 


responding to the national strategy of "going global" in rail transit, huaqi intelligent actively participated in the transportation industry event and gathered with many industry insiders around the world to discuss, share and discover innovative solutions in the public transportation industry. although it was the first time for us to showcase our pis system, our booth was the largest of its kind, and we were also the only pis vendor to adopt the full system simulation mode of operation. 





this was the first time that huaqi intelligent made an appearance in the us with great rewarding experience. our detailed solutions, interactive demonstrations and professional explanations attracted the attention of many visitors. the leaders of crrc, various depots in europe and america, as well as the leaders of marta, atlanta metro, los angeles metro, washington metro and other north american owners, miami government officials, uitp association and other important guests visited our booth to discuss the future cooperation in the north american market. through this exhibition, we understood the demand of north american market to a certain extent, and learned a lot of project information about american market through visit, communication and study with owners, depots and counterparts, such as new york metro project, chicago metro project and so on. we believe that we will make a breakthrough in the potential american market in the future.


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