eventful 70 years, dreaming with the nation |celebrating the national day with achievements, overview of the 2019 rail transit project opening performance of huaqi
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in the golden october, the fragrance of cinnamon is everywhere. we are about to celebrate the 70th birthday of our motherland and would like to wish her a very happy birthday!

seventy years of trials and tribulations, 70 years of vicissitudes of change. since the founding of new china, the diligent and courageous chinese people have been twisting and turning on the road of exploration, writing a magnificent poem in the tide of reform, never giving up the chinese dreams in their hearts.  

70 years ago, china did not have its own urban rail transit, and it was not until 1965 that the first rail transit line was built in china. before 2000, only three cities in china - beijing, shanghai and guangzhou - had rail lines. however, by the end of 2018, statistics have shown that 35 cities in china (excluding hong kong, macao and taiwan) had opened 185 urban rail transit operating lines, with the total length of operating lines reaching 5,761.4 kilometers. there are 4,354.3 kilometers of metro operating lines and 1,407.1 kilometers of urban rail transit operating lines in other formats.

every participant in the construction of china's rail transit is proud of this glorious achievement. as we welcome the 70th birthday of our motherland, let us all wish the great nation more prosperous, more beautiful, more powerful and richer! 

taking a look at the rail transit projects opened at home and abroad in 2019, there are as many as 12 lines that huaqi has served, among which 11 lines are located in china and 1 line is located internationally. the opening of each project is the result of the hard work and sweat of all huaqi's staff. 

wenzhou rail transit line s1

2019.1.23: the phase 1 of wenzhou rail transit line s1 has been officially operating with passengers. this is the first batch of new municipal railway demonstration projects and china's first system mode innovation of rail transit line. on september 26th of the same year, 6 stations of wenzhou rail transit line s1 including yongzhong, airport, lingkun, oujiangkou, ouhua and shuang'ou avenue, were opened, which marked the smooth realization of full operation of wenzhou rail transit line s1. huaqi intelligent pis system products have provided train broadcast, video and video monitoring functions for trains, and huaqi intelligent and urban emu make urban travel better! 

zhengzhou metro line 5

2019.5.20: zhengzhou metro line 5 is officially carrying passengers for operation, starting the application of huaqi's intelligent rail transit on-board pis products in zhengzhou market. huaqi henan branch will be based on localized production and procurement, always stay close to customer requirements, respond to customer needs efficiently, and continue to provide high-quality services to customers in central china. 

lanzhou rail transit line 1

2019.6.23: the phase 1 of lanzhou rail transit line 1 opened for trial operation. this is an urban rail transit line where huaqi intelligent pis system is fully applied in northwest china. this is also the first subway in gansu province and the first subway line under the yellow river in china, since then lanzhou has entered the subway era.

hangzhou metro line 5

2019.6.24: the first section of hangzhou metro line 5 is opened for trial operation, which is the fourth line that huaqi intelligent serves for hangzhou citizens. all of huaqi people will keep up the good work and contribute to the construction of hangzhou as a "city on rail".

ningbo metro line 3 phase i

2019.6.30: ningbo rail transit line 3 phase i officially opened for trial operation, allowing ningbo to enter the era of multi-line operation to create a veritable "golden economic line". the dynamic map tailored by huaqi pis system for ningbo is full of ancient charm, highlighting the city's style of "rich in culture, critical in transportation".

haikou emu

2019.7.1: the haikou emu, also known as the most romantic emu, has gone into operation, using crh6f trains with large passenger capacity and flexible grouping, which can be operated as a single train or reconnected into a group of 8 trains. haikou emu are equipped with a full set of passenger information system provided by huaqi intelligent.

huawei songshan lake tram phase ii

2019.7.10: the phase 2 of huawei songshan lake tram project has officially opened for operation, and the small train specially built for huawei songshan lake european town provides services for the transportation convenience of huawei's "european town". huaqi's intelligent pis products are fully applied in the super capacitor energy storage light rail vehicles customized for classic buildings and green ecological high-tech industrial parks.

zhengzhou metro line 14

2019.9.19: zhengzhou metro line 14 phase i opened for trial operation, which is the second rail transit project of huaqi serving zhengzhou and the first operating project of huaqi's overall supply of on-board pis systems in the central plains.

first opening of the ningfeng line

2019.9.26: the first through section of the ningfeng line is officially connected to the grid and is the first intercity railway in ningbo. with the opening of the next post-pass section of the ningfeng line, it will better improve the transportation, living and investment environment in the areas along the line. huaqi intelligent ensures the phased operation of ningbo metro line 3 phase i and the first section of the ningfeng line through flexible system software configuration.

jinan rail transit line 3’s opening

2019.9.26: jinan rail transit line 3 held an opening event. it is the first project in which huaqi intelligent pis products were used in jinan rail transit.

xiamen metro line 2 designing

2019.9.19:xiamen metro line 2 officially began the designing for the final sprint for the opening at the end of the year. it is the second xiamen metro project that huaqi intelligent will soon serve online after xiamen metro line 1.

noida metro, india

2019.1.30: noida metro line opened for operation. the opening of the line will reduce the commuting time between noida and delhi, effectively easing the pressure of ground transportation in the capital delhi. together with crrc puzhen plant, huaqi intelligent and crrc puzhen plant uphold the belief of "collaboration gathers strength, unity builds security", steadily walking out of huaqi's road of “made in china” step by step.

the road to the great rejuvenation of the motherland cannot be separated from the conscientious efforts of each and every one of us. the past achievements have been in the history. in the future, we will work even harder to pursue our dreams. we are all dream chasers, and we are all building our beautiful nation with our own efforts. today, as we rejoice in our motherland's 70th birthday, let us remind ourselves to work harder, never forget our original intentions for greater progress in the future!

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