congratulations to suzhou huaqi for obtaining pis sil level 2 certificate
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on december 28, 2018, tuv nord issued a safety integrity level (sil) level 2 certificate for pis system to suzhou huaqi intelligent technology company limited. this is the first sil level 2 certificate with cnas credit recognition in china's pis field, signifying that suzhou huaqi's pis products and technologies have met the level requirement of functional safety integrity, officially receiving a pass to enter the international rail transit market. during the certificate awarding ceremony, ms. yuan ying, general manager of the railway division of tuv nord (china), awarded the certificate to mr. zhong hua, general manager of suzhou huaqi intelligent technology co.. 


the sil certification project took one year from the inception of the project since january 2018 to december 2018. the entire certification process successfully passed the 16 stages of evaluation and certification to obtain the sil level 2 certification scope of the pis system which contains 18 safety functions such as passenger emergency alarm, alarm linkage, occ broadcast, occ intercom, etc..


the efforts and perseverance of all sil certified team members in the technical center and quality center are indispensable so that our products have managed to obtain the sil level 2 certificate from tuv nord in such a short period of time. they put into practice the requirements of high sil level 2 standards with practical actions, laying an international, high-level foundation for our product design and development, testing and verification, as well as process quality audit. by virtue of pis system's meticulous security architecture design, perfect design and development process, rigorous testing and verification, and comprehensive quality control, we finally won the high recognition of tuv nord evaluation experts, and won the first opportunity for our products to compete in both domestic and international markets. 


introduction to sil certification

sil certification is a third-party assessment, verification and certification based on en50126, en50128, en50129 and other relevant standards to evaluate and confirm the safety integrity level (sil) or performance level (pl) of safety equipment. functional safety certification mainly involves file systematic management (fsm) evaluation for safety equipment development process, hardware reliability calculation and evaluation, software evaluation, environmental testing, electro magnetic compatibility (emc) test, etc. sil certification is divided into five levels, including: sil0, sil1, sil2, sil3, sil4. 

after a comprehensive evaluation of the actual safety requirements of our pis system products, sil level 2 is the highest safety level in the current pis system field, and our company has obtained 18 safety function certifications which are the most comprehensive in the industry. at the same time, tuv nord is the most authoritative sil independent assessment institute in the international market, and its credentials and reputation are well known in the international market. 

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