huaqi’s red roses with pure love
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the ladies involved in huaqi intelligent’s epidemic prevention

the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in 2020

has caught us off guard at once.

it was as if the pause button was pressed, life and work have been suspended. 

control upgraded, projects stalled, supplies stretched, manpower strained....

however, all the difficulties will eventually become

the paving stones on the way forward.

the tough roses

igniting a hopeful sky under the haze with passion!

with the goddess day upon us, let's focus on 

those tough and lovely women of huaqi.

guan fangfang, head of office

the third day of the lunar new year, guan fangfang was informed that she was "promoted" – the deputy director of company's epidemic prevention and control work leading group office. she immediately entered into working mode from her holiday mode. from participating in the development of prevention and control work programs, the implementation of the company's daily dynamic monitoring of all staff, to consulting the requirements for work and production resumption from the relevant government departments; she had been working late into the night for days when most people were bored with the lockdown; for the dynamic monitoring only, it involved 546 employees and ten key issues. due to the comprehensive control of the employees and the detailed application documents, huaqi was able to successfully pass the audit of the science and technology city management committee, becoming the first batch of enterprises to resume work in the industrial park.

after resuming work, fangfang guan continued to conduct strict check for the personnel information. the qualified ones were classified for batch declaration immediately while the unqualified were resolutely not allowed to be back to work. under the management of this experienced party member, the staff personnel information of huaqi intelligent’s seven batches for work and production resumption was quickly reviewed. so far, the company has 498 staff on duty, reaching a work resumption rate as high as 90%. at the same time, she has also actively taken up the epidemic prevention and inspection work, walking through all corners of the company at least twice a day, to remind colleagues for strict production resumption/epidemic prevention methods, doing two jobs at once and attaching equal importance to each. 


lu qianping, office administrator

the most difficult part for production and work resumption is the supply and management of protective materials. since the third day of the lunar new year, lu qianping, under the leadership of work leading group office, has been looking for channels to contact distribution; once the products have arrived, she had to rush to get them - "or else they will be snatched up for a while”. after the work resumption, as the person in charge of all protective materials, lu qianping was responsible for the coordination and the deployment of supplies, making accurate records. in just 20 days from the work resumption so far, she issued a total of 17,936 pieces of masks, 5691 pairs of disposable shoe covers, 3410 pairs of disposable gloves, 960 pieces of protective suits, 307 pairs of goggles, 240 bottles of antibacterial sprays and hand sanitizers and 100 liters of alcohol.

meanwhile, as an administrative key personnel, she has to rush to the company to handle company’s official seal stuff when needed, even if she is on holiday. during the most serious epidemic period, there were colleagues returning to suzhou from other places and the work proof was required by their communities, villages and towns. lu qianping traveled from home to office regardless of the danger for certificate printing, stamping and scanning, and finally handed them to her colleagues in time. according to statistics, she has issued 61 work/work resumption certificates for her colleagues and the company since the holiday. "i have to do it, i stay close to the company and manage the company’s stamp, so it is my duty." as a 9-year employee of huaqi intelligent, she unhesitatingly guards the front line of epidemic prevention with her practical actions.


dang li, deputy manager of systems integration department

for epidemic prevention and control reasons, huaqi conducted work resumption for employees in small numbers and in batches, with only 60 employees declared in the first batch. the monthly income will not be affected even if employees are not back for work resumption in time during this period. however, dang li took the initiative to apply to the department and the leadership team: "i am a party member and a cadre, familiar with the company's project progress, please put me in the first batch for work resumption." after coming back to work, she collaborated with project managers to transform the information in a timely manner and drive a rapid return to normalcy for all huaqi’s 47 projects in operation. 

during the work promotion process, dang li clearly realized that: the department is the organization directly facing the staff, and good staff anti-epidemic methods with no negligence are critical to the internal management of the department. in this regard, she had a thorough comprehensive consideration before returning to work. on the basis of the company's regulations, she combined with the actual situation of the systems integration department, setting up the prevention and control work for the department properly within just 2 days; neat and warm hand-writing protective guides, hints, and duty timetables were quickly posted in each eye-catching location, providing accurate action guidelines for the subsequent personnel returning to work. as work has been resumed, dang li has fully exerted her patience and meticulousness, perfecting the details of prevention and control while understanding the situation of departmental personnel and solving various problems for her colleagues. under her coordination, the personnel rotation in the department has been conducted in order, and the effect has been maximized with a small amount of manpower on duty.


wei xiaomei, gu fengyu, sun fang, li cheng, zhou pingling, jiang huan...there are many such "goddesses" in huaqi intelligent. they have been at the forefront of their departments from the very beginning, contributing to both their own work and epidemic prevention and control.

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the red roses, the pure love.

although the 140 ladies of huaqi intelligent could not fight against the virus at the front line of the epidemic prevention, they have ensured the work and production resumption in huaqi with the same determination. with their own hard work achievements, they have become the shining stars in the united epidemic fight. huaqi intelligent insists on the party’s principles, leading the development, never forgetting the original intentions, safeguarding our home, ensuring both production and safety at the same time, and actively carrying out our duties and missions. we firmly believe that the toughest moments will eventually be over! china will finally see the dawn of victory in the anti-epidemic fight!

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