huaqi intelligent successfully passed the first piece appraisal of the kolkata metro passenger information system (pis) project in india.
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on march 9, 2017, huaqi intelligent successfully passed the first piece appraisal of the kolkata metro passenger information system(pis) project in india, which was fully affirmed by the indian metro owners and crrc dalian locomotive & rolling stock company limited. meanwhile, huaqi intelligent also successfully passed the supplier qualification review of crrc dalian locomotive & rolling stock co., and to become the qualified supplier of it. 

for the kolkata metro pis project in india, the metro owner requires the fire retardant equipment to comply with the latest en45545 standard, and huaqi's products fully meet the standard. moreover, for the driver's console equipment, such as radio control box, monitoring touch screen, etc. the special structural design of the fire retardant was unanimously approved by the metro owner and crrc dalian plant. 

at the same time, the project also had certain requirements on system interaction and display interface, which needed to be provided in english, hindi and bengali. in order to meet this delivery requirement, the software engineers and art engineers of huaqi intelligent did a lot of exploratory work , and finally won the approval of the metro owner and crrc dalian.

with a population of 11.94 million, kolkata is the major commercial and financial center of eastern india and northeastern india, as well as an important commercial and military port, making it one of the most important cities in india. since 2016, the indian government has been planning to vigorously build public transportation facilities, resulting in a huge demand for the rail transit sector. our company passed the first inspection of pis project this time for kolkata metro, india, which laid a solid foundation for cooperation in terms of our future market share expansion in india. 


 kolkata metro pis project is the first overseas project of huaqi intelligent. all huaqi staff are encouraged by the successful passing of the first inspection, and confident to set sail in the up-coming overseas projects to brand ourselves proudly as "made in china". 

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