huaqi intelligent’s wonderful presentation at 2019 india international railway equipment exhibition(iree)
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on 22 october 2019, the much-anticipated iree 2019, the international railway equipment exhibition in india, held its grand opening at the aviation city, new delhi, india. iree as asia's largest and most influential rail transportation professional exhibition, after the first participation in 2017, this was suzhou huaqi intelligent technology co.'s second appearance at this exhibition. at this year's exhibition, huaqi intelligent exhibited its first operational international project in physical form, which was the complete set of products and systems of the noida metro in india, drawing plenty of attention. 



for the previous iree 2017, huaqi smart had just entered the indian market with achivement of only 2 metro projects, which made many clients and various rolling stock depots in india possess a wait-and-see attitude towards huaqi. however, within a short time span of only 2 years, huaqi has won 4 new metro line projects in a row including kolkata, nagpur, mumbai metro line 2 & 7. especially with the smooth passenger operation of noida and nagpur projects in early 2019, and the grand opening of mumbai metro line 2&7 model trains in september, huaqi, the rising star in the indian market, has earned its name and the latecomer has prevailed. with its advanced technology, excellent quality and service, hqi has become the preferred pis supplier, the benchmark and number one brand for advanced technology in pis system for all metro owners and rolling stock depots in the indian rail transit market. 




during the 3-day exhibition (22-24 october), the huaqi’s booth has attracted the attention of all metro owners and rolling stock manufactures. as one of the most important owners of huaqi in india, mr. joshi, president of delhi metro, visited huaqi booth and gave full recognition to huaqi's excellent operation on noida project, congratulated huaqi on getting the order of beml's mumbai metro line 2&7, and also commended for huaqi’s full cooperation throughout the opening of mumbai metro's line 2 & 7 model cars in september.




at the same time, the leaders of icf, mcf and rcf factories under national railway of india visited huaqi's booth and were impressed by the advanced pis products and systems in india. after listening to huaqi's presentation, the general manager of rolling stock of indian ministry of railways, warmly invited huaqi to participate in the indian high-speed railway project which is being planned by the national railway of india, assisting this national project of "made in india". apart from this, local and international rolling stock manufacturers such as crrc, beml, bombardier, siemens, hyundai rotem of south korea, caf, alstom, titagarh, etc., came together to discuss not only existing indian projects with huaqi, but also the full range of cooperation and potential projects in india.




huaqi’s booth was the most popular one in hall 4 within the 3-day exhibition. apart from numerous metro owners and rolling stock depot clients, huaqi has also become the wanting collaboration target of friends, partners, consultants and consulting companies in the indian market. even on the last day of the exhibition , october 24, 2019, the booth did not lose its popularity since the show was drawing to a close, but rather attracted a lot of interest from exiting guests. crowds that still stopped by to observe and discuss were particularly striking among the many booths which were gradually withdrawn from the exhibition hall. 




iree2019, as the grand finale of huaqi's international participating exhibitions in 2019, was full of excitement and surprises. with huaqi's up-coming localized advancement in indian market, it will surely make huaqi a successful model for chinese enterprises to go international and deepen their business. 




with the last batch of visiting customers’ leaving, and the whistle of the organizer's notice for withdrawal, huaqi’s trip to india came to a successful closure. the next stop of huaqi intelligent: september 2020, see you all in berlin! 


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