the perfect closure of huaqi intelligent at beijing international urban rail transit exhibition (metrotrans) 2019
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from july 25 to july 27, 2019, huaqi intelligent has brought many latest intelligent products and system solutions to beijing international urban rail transit exhibition (metrotrans) 2019. the advanced technical products and diverse exhibition methods have attracted many visitors to stop by and visit. enterprise leaders and clients have visited huaqi intelligent’s booth and had a detailed understanding of its intelligent solutions. 



mr. zhong hua, general manager of huaqi intelligent, was interviewed by the organizer, china urban rail transit association during the exhibition. 


on the development plan of huaqi, mr. zhong hua introduced, "we are going from domestic to international market, and have explored the key markets with certain pace such as hong kong metro, indian metro and american metro, etc. and achieved 18 metro lines with huaqi products;  in the direction of products, it has planned and developed new products and solutions such as metro pis unified type, next-generation on-board pis, ground pis, ground pa, phm, new train network, and black box of trains; in terms of technological innovation, it has established the huaqi research institute, which is engaged in research on artificial intelligence, big data, 5g in phm and smart metro, etc. ; in terms of industry standards, we have participated in the compilation and validation of industry standards; in the direction of enterprise quality management system and product quality certification, we have passed international certifications such as iris, iso, cmmi level 3 and sil level 2, and a preventive quality management system has been established; in the direction of informationization of enterprise management, based on the original erp and other information platforms, the construction of plm, wms, mes and other information systems are implemented to open up the flow of enterprise business information, and the quality and efficiency of our work has been improved significantly."

at this exhibition, huaqi intelligent has focused on its latest "intelligent" technology achievements and solutions in urban rail transportation, including traditional advantageous products such as passenger information system(pis) based on the actual application in noida metro, india, and new products and systems such as the new generation of intelligent information display system, vip compartment display of high-speed railway, and wifi system. the exhibition has showcased the technological background of huaqi intelligent in the urban rail transit field from various angles and its exploration of the future development of the industry. during the exhibition, guests from various rolling stock depots of crrc, mtr corporation, chongqing, hohhot, nanchang, beijing, guangzhou, hangzhou, shenzhen, changzhou, jinan, lanzhou, wuxi, wenzhou, etc. came to the booth to learn more about huaqi's full pis solutions, which laid a solid foundation for further communication and understanding.


in the past 5 years, huaqi intelligent has been growing and progressing constantly along with the development of beijing international urban rail transit exhibition. not only the booth area of huaqi has been gradually increasing, but also the exhibition content has been expanded from the single pis to full pis of on-board and ground systems, and we have been actively researching and practicing in new product areas. by following the pace of china's urban rail transit development, huaqi will continue to explore, dare to be original and innovative, be good at cooperation, and continue to exceed, contributing to the development of the rail transit industry and china's urban rail transit business. 

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