about huaqi’s heroes in harm’s way in india
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india is one of the important overseas markets for huaqi intelligent, and currently we have taken on-board pis projects for 7 lines in 5 cities in india. since the end of 2019, two huaqi engineers have traveled to india to serve our customers. however, after the first quarter, india has gradually been shrouded under the shadow of the epidemic, and the situation has become increasingly serious. on march 24, the indian government abruptly declared a national public quarantine, cancelling all domestic traffic and international flights. currently, the lockdown in india has be confirmed and extended until may 3. 

in this anxious situation, what is the current status of the two transnational heroes in harm’s way? let’s hear about their stories in the foreign land. 

hu chengdi, project implementation engineer

since hu chengdi’s arrival in noida, india at the end of january, 2020,  he has been mainly responsible for after-sales maintenance and training of new employees in india. on march 21, the metro decided to implement pis system anti-epidemic broadcasts to the local 18 trains, and required huaqi to complete it immediately. hu chengdi was working overnight and continuously overtime, and finally completed all the tasks on the 23rd. however, the indian government suddenly announced a national public quarantine on the 24th. he rushed all the way to supermarket for supplies and groceries shopping after work, but only some bitter gourds left ... .... fortunately, a local chinese restaurant provided with some eggplants and other vegetables for him before it closed. due to the poor and inadaptable diet, hu chengdi has lost 5 kg since arriving in india. 


wang gang, after-sales service assistant engineer   

wang gang, who arrived in nagpur, india, one month earlier than hu chengdi, has been responsible for the delivery of new vehicles and back to storage testing of vehicles, often working from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.. due to the remote location of the vehicle section and the distance from his residence, wang gang often takes a nap with his clothes on after midnight overhauling work till dawn at the project site, and returning to his residence only in the morning. 


all alone in a foreign land as a stranger

from the chinese spring festival to the lockdown in india, two huaqi heroes have given up their family reunion and have overcome the inconvenience of going on a vegetarian diet for months to practice the huaqi culture of "quick response, honest and trustworthy". they are the strongest huaqi heroes in harm’s way, writing the most touching music in their ordinary positions!

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