noida metro opens for operations today, a new chapter for huaqi intelligent in india!
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today, the long-awaited noida metro line is inaugurated, which is the first metro line of huaqi intelligent to serve the people of india. yogi adityanath, chief minister of uttar pradesh, hardeep singh puri, union minister of uttar pradesh, noida metro owners and leaders of crrc, and relevant staff attended the opening ceremony.


the opening of the noida metro has started a new chapter in the development of noida, the satellite city which is just 20 km from the indian capital, new delhi! the noida metro line is a 29 km long, elevated line in total with 22 stations. the main line body is elevated with 22 stations, of which 13 are above ground, 7 are elevated and 2 are underground, and the line runs from noida city center to the knowledge park. the line will reduce commuting time between noida and delhi, easing the pressure on ground traffic in the capital delhi. 

the site with onyx splendor 

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a splendid glimpse of huaqi products


the incoming public for experience


the noida project is equipped with the papis system from huaqi intelligent, which has the industry-leading multiple redundant system architecture including bus redundancy, equipment redundancy and module redundancy, and is the first to realize the redundant backup of pis and tcms operating panels, ensuring the high reliability and stability of the train system. at the same time, huaqi intelligent adopts a visual interface editing software in noida metro, which provides a more convenient and stable operation method for updating the train information display interface, effectively meeting the customization demands of clients.


pis of huaqi,

huaqi of the world!

huaqi intelligent insists on customer-centeredness. after receiving the task of noida project, we immediately organized experts in technology, quality, process, engineering, and after-sales service to establish a project team and work together. together with the host factory, they battled for months to complete the system design, first piece identification, static debugging, dynamic debugging and on-site opening to jointly safeguard the noida project. 

with the belief of "collaboration gathers strength, unity builds security", huaqi intelligent has been steadily stepping out on the road of “made in china” step by step. huaqi's projects in kolkata and nagpur are also undergoing intense debugging, and we are looking forward to the opening of huaqi's other projects in india as soon as possible. we firmly believe that huaqi pis will not only serve china and india, but will also serve the world in the foreseeable near future!

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