huaqi intelligent’s magical helps for "made in india", the grand opening of mumbai metro line 2 & 7 mockup trains
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prime minister of india, narendra modi, accompanied by maharashtra chief minister devendra fadnavis, metropolitan commissioner rajiv, and mumbai metropolitan region development authority (mmrda) ias deputy metropolitan commissioner dr. sonia sethi, and his entourages,  on september 7, 2019, attended a grand unveiling ceremony dedicated to the inauguration of the mumbai metro line 2 & 7 mockup trains manufactured by beml limited.


the mumbai metro line 2 & 7 trains, manufactured by beml which is a local rolling stock manufacturer in india, are the first two metro passenger trains under the central government's "make in india" initiative, and are regarded as the state-of-art metro trains in india. beml also completed the unprecedented construction of the model trains in only 75 days instead of 365 days, and the passenger information system (papis) provided by huaqi intelligent was the most important part of the unveiling ceremony. 


in june 2019, huaqi intelligent has won the bid and received the order for the pis system for mumbai metro line 2 & 7 from beml. as a local rolling stock manufacturer, beml limited, after several considerations and among numerous choices, finally awarded the papis system of this milestone project with the deep brand of "make in india" to china's huaqi intelligent. 


as the 5th metro project that huaqi intelligent has been awarded in india, huaqi intelligent has faced a huge challenge since the day it received the order for mumbai metro line 2 & 7, where huaqi needed to ensure the smooth and successful inauguration of the model trains in early september. unlike a real operational vehicle, the papis system, which includes on-board audio and video broadcasting, is the key to the success of the model trains. and for that, the huaqi intelligent project team worked day and night, discussing with beml about the architecture and function development of the pis system of the model trains. after repeated modification and optimization, the model train design was finally finished in early august, and the complete model train pis system was produced and delivered in just two weeks. 


at the moment when pm modi cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for the model trains, the train doors opened with beautiful music being played, the welcome message in marathi was broadcasted, and the train arrival information and the national promotional video started to be shown on the display screen. beml was assisted by huaqi intelligent to accomplish this historic moment, successfully demonstrating to the world the magic of "make in india". 



in addition to further validating the solid pace of huaqi intelligent’s operation in the international market, the mumbai metro line 2 & 7 project will also be another masterpiece of huaqi intelligent's response to the chinese government's call for "the belt & road" initiative, establishing a foothold in china, going global, and making the world fall in love with “made in china”. 


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