huaqi's incredible journey to india
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in the golden october, international railway equipment exhibition (iree) 2017 is coming as scheduled. this is the grand finale of suzhou huaqi intelligent technology co. ltd. 's 2017 appearance on the international stage after this year's 11th middle east international rail transit exhibition in dubai, union internationale des transports publies (uitp) international public transportation summit in montreal, canada, and american public transportation association (apta)expo. to this end, huaqi intelligent has devoted all its efforts, quoted the most advanced technology, adopted the latest exhibits and paid homage to this amazing market with the greatest enthusiasm, amazing the world with a single brilliant feat. 


as one of the largest and most influential rail transit professional exhibitions in asia, iree india is held every two years. india, as the blessed land for the overseas expansion of huaqi intelligent, is also one of the most important international markets for huaqi, and huaqi intelligent’s first international project is the kolkata metro in india. with this as the beginning, huaqi has taken numerous important projects such as noida metro and nagpur metro from 2016 to 2017, making huaqi's pis products have gradually become the favorite of the indian rail transit market and of many owners as well. 


on october 11, 2017, with the morning breeze and beautiful sunshine in new delhi, all the members of suzhou huaqi intelligent technology co. were ready at pragati maidan booth in new delhi, to officially start huaqi's 3-day journey in india. throughout the exhibition, the huaqi booth once again showed the charm of china blue, with the intricate exhibits walls, unique exhibits and the combination of motion and static broadcasting, fully demonstrating the advancement of china's on-board pis products. it also showed to the indian customers and owners with a high-spirited attitude that india deserves to have huaqi pis! 


during this three-day exhibition (11-13 october), the huaqi booth has attracted industry professionals such as crrc, siemens, talgo, crec, and crsc, etc. ; it has also successfully aroused great interest from local depots and metro owners such as indian national railways, beml, bhel, icf, rcf, rdso, nagpur metro, mumbai metro, kochi metro, pune metro and others. mr. anand, rs director of delhi metro, as one of the most important clients of huaqi in india, visited huaqi's booth to observe the exhibits, listen to huaqi's business plan and the progress of various projects in india, and huaqi's outstanding performance in india was highly praised by mr. anand. through this platform, huaqi has effectively showcased its capabilities to many indian customers with professional product presentations and detailed solution explanations, and has discussed the possibility of all-round cooperation for potential projects in india. during the 3-day exhibition, many international customers came to visit our booth, which indicates the booming trend of huaqi's business in india and further strengthens our confidence in the indian market. 


april showers bring may flowers. in order to manage the indian market, huaqi intelligent has left no stone unturned to make every step possible, from nothing to something, from impossible to possible. with excellent products and advanced technology, as well as steadfastly planning according to the market, huaqi intelligent is working hard to cultivate this magical land in india step by step. the road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep. (此为奥巴马在victory speech中的原话。) huaqi's overseas journey will become a microcosm of the many chinese rail transit companies from “ the belt & road initiative ” that are making their way in the region.



at 16:00 pm on october 13, 2017, as the international railway equipment exhibition (iree) 2017 india came to an end, the crowd was thinning out in front of huaqi's booth. all the huaqi exhibitors were in high spirits, and enormously proud of our achievements that the closing of iree 2017 had far exceeded expectations. before withdrawing from the exhibition hall, the huaqi team appeared together in front of the booth and cheered loudly: "great results for huaqi, see you next year in berlin!" 

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