deutsche bahn visits huaqi intelligent technology co., ltd.
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on april 29th 2016, michael boback, the general manager of the shanghai purchase office of deutsche bahn along with his two fellows visited suzhou huaqi intelligent technology co., ltd..



deutsche bahn, headquartered in berlin, is the biggest railway transport company in germany, and the biggest railway company in europe. the company provides railway transport of freight and passengers in germany and other european countries.


the shanghai purchase office of deutsche bahn was founded in december 2015. it meant that the company expanded its international supplier network to china, and the budget that amounts to ten billion euro of upgrading railway facilities in germany will not be divided up by the three suppliers - alstom, siemens and bombardier.




after visiting the exhibition hall and the workshops, michael boback praised huaqi’s achievements in the business of railway transport, and he was looking forward to cooperation with huaqi.

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